Magical potion kits for playtime and parties

Exciting, safe and eco friendly potion making kits for hours of fizzy fun!

FizzPotz Potion Making Kit
Handmade in the UK
Eco friendly ingredients
UKCA & EN71 safety tested

Welcome to the exciting world of FizzPotz! We create fun and engaging potion making kits bursting with fizzy, foamy, and crackling ingredients, perfect for creating messy play both inside and outside.

Our potion kits include a range of fun and creative ingredients such as magic powders, rocks and shapes, colourful liquids with shimmering effects, giving children a variety of textures and colours to work with. Our kits also include the perfect equipment, such as a pipette, scoop, tongs, wand, and a potion bottle, allowing children to fully immerse themselves in the world of potion making.

Whether your child is an aspiring potion master or simply loves messy play, a FizzPotz potion kit encourages creativity and imagination, with a range of ingredients that will inspire children to explore their own unique ideas.

Our kits have been tested by an independent lab and carry the UKCA mark and are available to buy from our online shop.

You can follow our journey on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Feel free to sign up for our FizzPotz email list for updates and information about our seasonal limited edition kits.

Easter Kits now in stock!
Give a chocolate free gift this Easter with an Egg-citing potion kit. Keep an eye open for one of our golden eggs hidden in our kits. We've hidden a golden egg in a mini kit and a micro kit. Finders receive a free fizzy gift! Find out more

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Potion Kit

Get ready to blast off into the cosmos with our Galaxy Potion Making Kit - the perfect gift for young space enthusiasts! This kit comes complete with all the necessary ingredients to create a mesmerising cosmic concoction.

Inside this potion kit, you'll find an exciting range of space-themed ingredients to mix and match. Sprinkle some space dust or add some Space Plasma for a burst of colour, drop in some Jupiter storm for some sparkly shimmer, or create a shooting star effect with the extra fizz Comet Trails. The Lagoon Nebular adds a stunning blue-green hue to the potion, while the Solar Flare and Sun Sparks create a fiery burst of energy, just like the sun!

Embark on a journey to the stars by creating your very own cosmic potion. It's an out-of-this-world experience!

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Potion Kit

The Mystical Potion Making Kit contains a range of intriguing ingredients each with unique properties to enhance your potion.

Eyeballs may sound gruesome but are used to gain visions beyond our realm. There are several types of crystals and gems; citrine boosts creativity whilst tyrolite is associated with healing and rejuvenation. Our potent Snake venom is powerful in small doses, be careful how you use it! Drop in some firefly flash to add some shimmer to your mixture.

For a touch of drama, the kit includes cauldron crackle, a specially formulated mixture that creates a fizzing and popping effect when added to your potion. So, grab your cauldron and get ready to brew up a storm with this kit and watch as your potion comes to life with a fizz and a crackle.

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The Sea

Potion Kit

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with our Under The Sea Potion Making Kit, packed with exciting ingredients that bring the wonders of the ocean to life!

Create your own underwater themed potion with our Sea Foam, perfect for adding a realistic touch to your ocean scene. Get creative and experiment with our Squid Ink and Scale Shine Shimmer Liquid to add shimmer and shine to your creation. Watch out for the jelly fish sting that brings an extra fizz and pop to your potion!

This potion set also includes a variety of vibrant Corals to make your ocean environment pop with colour and sea Creatures for a touch of life. Dive into a magical world of marine wonder and create your own shimmering ocean adventure with this incredible Under The Sea Potion Kit!

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Potion Kit

With our Nature Potion Making Kit you can harness the power of the outdoors and create your very own enchanting elixirs. This kit is packed with ingredients inspired by mother nature to get kids thinking about the great outdoors.

Stir up some Meadow Mix and add some Flowers and don’t forget some critters and some Undergrowth and Rainbow Road Rocks for a colourful explosion. Squeeze in some River Rush for extra sparkle. Our Blossom Blast and Berry Blop liquids bring fruity goodness, while Campfire Crackle adds a blast for your ears!

Let your imagination run wild and create potions for any occasion - from sleep to creativity to love. Order your Nature Fizzy Potion Kit today and experience the magic of nature in a whole new way!

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FizzPotz founder Leanne

Fun & Safe

I’m mum to two girls who love messy play, specifically, making potions with whatever they can get their hands on. We bought a tuff tray during the pandemic and had lots of messy fun scooping and mixing everyday.

Inspired by their delight for fizzing and foaming ingredients we held a Halloween potion making party for them and their friends in 2022. I was frustrated not to find the type of ingredients I envisaged and not shy of a challenge (with a tinge of over confidence) I taught myself to make the super fizzy ingredients that my daughters were delighted by. I spent hours in the kitchen “baking” different kinds of ingredients. The party was hugely successful and the children were lost for hours in the fizzy fun of potions!

My friends said that I should run parties or sell potion kits. Encouraged by their enthusiasm I decided to go for it and immediately started researching what would be involved. I found that many kits already on the market are untested or contain substances that are banned for use in toys. Every part of my kits are fully tested to UKCA and EN71 toy standards and do not contain any substances banned for use in toys.

FizzPotz was born and I left my job to focus on my passion: making fun and safe potion kits for kids. - Leanne

"My kids absolutely loved their potion kit, it kept them absorbed for hours and the result actually smelled very nice! The kits are clearly very well thought out and I especially love the thought that has gone into keeping them safe and non toxic, you can even use them in the bath if you are worried about the mess!"



"My girls love making potions and this kit did not disappoint. They spent hours in the mud kitchen mixing, scooping and dropping ingredients to make their own wonderful potions. They are always delighted at the different reactions they make. They always give them an interesting name like “lavender comtay”. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!"



"Halloween happiness! The potion kits are an essential buy for anyone looking for a bit of magical mess and mischief this Halloween. My son and daughter loved channeling their inner Witch and Wizard and concocting their own magical potions. We used several kits as part of a Halloween party. Excellent value for money."



"My girls were lost for hours in potion making. They were so excited when we bought two of your potion kits and they did not disappoint. Thank you FizzPotz!"



"The potion kits are absolutely brilliant! Perfect if your looking for something different do for play dates and they make great party ideas as well as gifts!"



"The potion kits are amazing for a party. The children were fascinated for a good couple of hours and the colours were so vibrant."



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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions. You can ask me anything else by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Where can I buy FizzPotz potion making kits?

You view all the kits details and can buy from our online store.

Be sure to sign up to the mailing list to be notified when seasonal kits are available!

Where are the potion kits made?

All of the fizzy powers, shapes and rocks, the shimmer and colour liquids are handmade by Leanne in Worcestershire. We buy the crackle mix which is also made in the UK and source all of the kit equipment we can from manufacturers in the UK.

Sadly, not everything we need is made in the UK so a small portion of our items are sourced directly from manufacturers abroad and finished in the UK. We always do our best to source locally and reduce the amount of travel distance for our kit items.

What do I do with my potion after I’ve made it?

Once you’ve finished your potion it’s best to enjoy admiring it and when you’re done playing dispose of it down the drain. All the ingredients are safe to dispose of this way. We do not recommend keeping your potion in the bottle for a long period after creation to avoid any bacterial growth.

Are FizzPotz Potion Kits Eco-Friendly?

We’ve done a great deal of research on making our kits fun and exciting but have also invested time in keeping them easy to dispose of. You can recycle almost every part of our kits* either with your kerb side recycling or at supermarkets/household recycling centres. Below is a list of our kit equipment and what it’s made of so that you can easily identify it for checking with your local council if you are unsure.

  • Plastic bottles (shimmer liquids and colour liquids) : PET plastic. This is widely recycled.
  • Poly Pouches (dusts) : Recyclable with carrier bags are larger supermarkets
  • Cello Bags (Rocks, shapes and crackle mix) : PP (Polypropylene). This is widely recycled.
  • Pipettes : Food safe, BPA free, non toxic polypropylene with silicone bulb.
  • Scoops, tongs and wands are made of wood or bamboo and can be recycled at household recycling centres.
  • Potion Bottle : PET plastic with aluminium lid, widely recycled.
  • Box : Cardboard, widely recycled
  • Instructions : Paper, widely recycled.
  • Stickers : made from recycled paper and widely recycled.

You can find out whether your local council accepts these items at the kerb side by searching online at their websites.

*The Popping Candy packaging is sadly not yet recyclable because it requires an airtight container to prevent the product coming into contact with moisture.

What about testing and certification?

We have cut no corners to make sure our kits are safe. We have spent months familiarising ourselves with the right legislation for toys specifically. 

Every component has been independently lab tested to the strict UK Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011 which includes tests for strength, durability and flammability. All of the ingredients are cosmetically tested before being sent off to an independent lab for a full toxicological test and are even safe enough to use in the bath. 

You can request a copy of our conformity declarations via email.

Where is best to use the potion kits?

You can use them anywhere that you have space and sufficient coverings to protect your furniture or garden. You only need some warm water to get started.

Use it at home in the kitchen, or at the table. We recommend a tray to catch any stray ingredients and a paper towel to mop up any spillages.

If you’re using it in the garden please be aware that the colourful liquids can temporarily stain any unfinished or unstained wooden furniture so if your mud kitchen isn’t painted it may get a little make over during potion making.

Can I drink my potion?

Whilst they look very pretty and all of the ingredients are non-toxic you should not drink the potion or eat any of the ingredients. They won’t taste nice, even though they smell delicious.

If you accidentally ingest any ingredients please drink plenty of water.

What age are the kits suitable for?

Our kits are suitable for children age 6+. They are not suitable for children under 3 as there are small parts and they are more likely to put the ingredients in their mouths. Adult supervision required at all times.

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